Brighton community continues to battle flooding

BRIGHTON Ala. (WIAT) — The heavy rainfall throughout the Birmingham area has caused some neighborhoods to battle flooding issues.

For the past 20 years neighbors on Rose Avenue and St. Julian Street have been battling flooding.

“It will run up and go over the bridge and go back this way and back taht way,” said Tyrone Rudolph, who lives in the area.

Rudolph has grown up in the Brighton community. He says he knows firsthand how the continued rainfall has impacted his neighborhood.

“A situation every two weeks very months you must think I might lose my home my property my values so again I’m asking for some help out here,” said Rudolph.

Rudolph says he’s reached out to city and county leaders asking them to help solve the flooding.

“We hope that they will come out here and clean this ditch out so that everyone can be safe,” said Rudolph.

CBS 42 News spoke with Eddie Cooper the Mayor of Brighton. We asked him what his plans are moving forward to help prevent the flooding in the Bon Air neighborhood in the city of Brighton.

“So what we’re doing now we have different companies and engineering firms to come out and look at the ditches to see what can be done. The only thing you can do in that flood area is to make sure the ditches are clean so that the water can flow from place to place,” said Mayor Cooper.

Cooper says the project could come with a nearly $50,000 price tag.

“We have some national companies that might come and do it as a tax write off or do a pro bono or any kind of services short term were going to make sure there are no grocery ditches dug out so that the water can flow through that area, ” said Mayor Cooper.

Mayor Cooper says he doesn’t have a set deadline on when improvements to the creek will be made. However, his short-term plans are focused on getting large debris out of the creeks to help with continued water flow.

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