Rally held to raise awareness for Alabama’s Slow Down Move Over law

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HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WIAT) — If your car breaks down, it’s the roadside assistance workers that come to save the day. But every year, dozens of tow truck drivers are involved in fatal accidents because drivers do not slow down or move over.

On Sunday, the fourth annual Slow Down Move Over rally was held to educate drivers Alabama’s law. According to AAA, a tow truck driver is killed every 6 days.

Billy Kilgore attended this year’s event. He said he has had close calls of his own while working.

“It’s just a risk we take every day,” said Kilgore. “Don’t know if you’re going to come home or not, it’s a dangerous job.”

Kilgore said he has had talks with his family over the worry one day it is him that’s involved in a fatal accident.

“Take into consideration that people want to go home to their families each and every day,” said Kilgore.

The event is organized by Wesley Passmore after he lost an employee in 2016 that was working as a tow truck driver.

“They wasn’t aware of the law, and they wasn’t aware of the dangers,” said Passmore. “The dangers are tremendous, it don’t take but a split second to lose control and kill somebody.”

Over 200 tow truck drivers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics joined in the rally that included a drive from Hueytown to Tuscaloosa.

“Flashing yellow, red, blue, it doesn’t matter. But we should have more respect for just our common man,” said TJ Armstrong; the public information officer with the Walker County Sheriff’s Office.

Alabama law requires drivers to move over if emergency vehicles, including tow trucks, are on the roadside. If you’re unable to move over, you must slow down at least 15 miles below the posted speed limit.

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