Tracking the Tropics: Could we have a named stormed in the Gulf Friday?

Tropical Update: Invest 92L is slowly moving north. It is projected to become a Tropical Storm Friday afternoon as it draws near to the Louisiana Coast. It will get the name Claudette. This system will have a very large area of heavy rain, so don’t focus on where landfall will be located. Heaviest rain will likely occur between new Orleans to Panama City.

This is going to be a messy, wet and lopsided area of low pressure – just like many June tropical systems are in the Gulf. This system will be battling some dry air and wind shear once it moves toward the northern Gulf Coast. There is a good chance that the low will ingest some of that dry air northwest of it into the center of circulation. That means the rain will be displaced to the east and north of the center. West of the center will likely be dry.

Regardless of development, it will spread deep tropical moisture northward, and this will bring plenty of heavy rain to the northern Gulf Coast starting along the coast on Friday and inland this weekend into early next week. Coastal areas from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle will have the highest rain totals around 6-10″+. Inland areas around central Alabama could see 3-6″+. This could lead to some flooding issues.

Depending on the exact track of the system, we could also see some brief tropical tornadoes across central Alabama on Saturday night into Sunday. If central Alabama is in the front right quadrant of the low then this will be a risk. The tornadoes are quick, generally short lived, but they can produce damage.

What Should You Do?
Please check back for updates the rest of the week and this weekend. The forecast will likely change a few times before we get to the weekend. Once it starts raining keep it tuned to CBS 42 for weather updates dealing with some possible flash flooding and possibly a few tornadoes. Stay safe everyone!

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