Circuit Judge Alice Gray to hang up her robe

Alice Gray, who has served as the Judge in Arkansas’s Sixth Circuit in Pulaski and Perry counties since first winning election in 1992, said she’s decided against running for another term.

Gray, who is in her 60s, said the choice was a tough one, but that it came down to family.

“My mother has been ill, and I’ve been the one responsible for making sure she is receiving proper medical care,” the judge explained. 

Gray’s term extends through 2022, so she won’t be gone right away. She said that when she does leave the bench, it will be with some sadness.

I had to choose between a final term and my mother. It was difficult because I have so many people working for me, out campaigning for me. I have a wide network. But it was easy because it‘s my mother.”

A graduate of the Bowen School of Law, Gray was a law clerk for a city attorney and a private law firm. She also served as an assistant city attorney, a municipal court magistrate, and as a chancery judge.


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