Crawford and Westerman sign on to court action aiming to deny four states participation in presidential election


⚖️JUST IN: New amicus brief from 106 Republican House members in support of Texas’ bid to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the Supreme Court. Here they are👇

— John Kruzel (@johnkruzel) December 10, 2020

This just in. The lists released on Twitter show U.S. Reps. Rick Crawford and Bruce Westerman in support of a nake invitation to judicial activism. It’s the Texas attack on the election outcome in four states — Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania — that voted for Joe Biden. No evidence supports the notion that anything improper happened in those states.


Reps. French Hill and Steve Womack are not in evidence as signatories so far.

The Republican Talking Point Factory is pushing the theory is that expansion of absentee voting in the four states “diluted” the votes of states (theirs) that voted for Donald Trump.


New York and California could say the same about vote suppression measures in states like Arkansas.

Will Amy Barrett and them deliver as the man who appointed three of them expects?


Time to ask Governor Hutchinson about this, too. Time for somebody to defend democracy and the vote.

Some relevant commentary:

These GOP members of congress have apparently decided to go full on authoritarian.

They haven’t just rejected American democracy, they seem determined to utterly destroy American

— Zhi Zhu (@ZhiZhuWeb) December 10, 2020


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