Governor Hutchinson to Arkansas: Profile in nothingness


Governor Hutchinson addressed the state in free time on every major commercial channel in the state tonight and essentially said nothing.


He proposed no new restrictions to curb the growth of COVID-19,

He did say he’d ask the legislature to meet in a committee of the whole to affirm his “strategy” on dealing with a virus that is killing and sickening more people in Arkansas every day. He said his original emergency declaration, giving him broad powers, which will expire in two days will be extended. He said nothing about using that power in any meaningful way beyond what he’s already done. Not in the regulation of business. Not in people’s compliance. Not in schools.


He claimed Arkansas had “met the challenge” in the face of statistics that say it has not.

He said lockdowns and restrictions on business, productive strategies elsewhere, were not part of “his vision.”


He said people maybe shouldn’t have the sorts of Christmas parties they normally have.

He said he and his wife will take a vaccination when it’s their turn. Shots won’t be mandated, be sure.

He said every Arkansan “needs to be on the team.”

Jesus. It was even worse than I expected.


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