Redistricting shuffle continues – Arkansas Times

Redistricting shuffle continues – Arkansas Times

Is a consensus in sight on congressional redistricting?

Not evident yet.

Two Republicans, Rep. Jim Dotson and Sen.Breanne Davis, took a stab at a plan that seems primarily intended to move Pope (along with Cleburne) into the 2nd District and take Saline out. This would leave Pulaski County intact in the 2nd. But Davis told the Democrat-Gazette she may have another plan with a popular Republican feature, carving up Pulaski County, the biggest Democratic vote producer in the state.

Democratic Sen. Clarke Tucker tells me he’s working on a bill to make some small adjustments in a plan defended yesterday by Republican Sen. Bart Hester as the fairest, most geographically sensible plan. It passes out parts of Pulaski to three congressional districts. Tucker says his plan would make changes that would leave every county in the state whole in redistricting, but prevent gerrymandering of Pulaski. What could be wrong with that?



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