Supreme Court swiftly rejects Texas lawsuit to end democracy and award presidency to Trump


Supreme Court dismisses Texas attorney general’s bid to toss 4 states’ election results, blocking Trump’s legal path to reverse loss

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) December 11, 2020

So there it is. An unsigned opinion says Texas has no interest in how other states vote.




So what are Trent Garner, Mary Bentley, the rest of the Crackport Caucus, Leslie Rutledge, Bruce Westerman and Rick Crawford going to do now? Take up arms?

That may be Trump’s plan.


PS: Governor Hutchinson continues to stand mute on my request for information on whether this lawsuit had merit and whether he believes Joe Biden is the next president. But have a happy Christmas, y’all. Good call by French Hill and Steve Womack not to join the Crackpot Caucus, unless all those MAGAs with guns start exacting retribution for apostasy,

Trump is starting an ad campaign this weekend to say the election has been stolen. Coincidental?

Wanna see some lying BS?


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