The Arkansas legislature’s Crackpot Caucus files resolution that favors action to deny the vote in four states


NEW: A resolution filed by Sen. Trent Garner & Rep. Mary Bentley supports the Texas lawsuit & expresses “No faith in the validity of the election results” reported by Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia.

— Marine Glisovic KATV (@KATVMarine) December 11, 2020

Sen. Trent Garner’s pipeline of grievances to KATV produces another news break for Marine Glisovic


Here’s the full list of signatories.

33 other legislators have signed off on this resolution – which also requests that Congress refuse to accept electoral votes from those states if “full and fair investigations are not completed”

— Marine Glisovic KATV (@KATVMarine) December 11, 2020


Missing is a recitation of the courts across America, including the U.S. Supreme Court, that have reviewed the claims on which this fraudulent Texas complaint is based and found them without merit. There have also been recounts and audits. Nothing found amiss.

It would be nice if these 33 would cite a single piece of evidence of wrongdoing, fraud or mass error in any of the states. All they have is an Arkansas-bubble disbelief that these four states voted for Joe Biden, an outcome even important Republican officials in the four states don’t contest. Even Bill Barr isn’t on board this crazy train. Even French HIll and Steve Womack. Governor Hutchinson? Good question. I’ve asked,


I’d encourage the Legislative Council to review just one little piece of evidence of how phony the claims are, as demonstrated by a Georgia legislator. But this has never been about facts. It’s about power and fear of (or ignorant belief in) that a dishonest, sociopoathic would-be autocrat. They prefer him to rule by the people.

Really. Watch this video about Georgia vote fraud.

This is quite a takedown of the Trump campaign’s list of allegedly illegal voters from Georgia State Rep Bee Nguyen.

— Zach Purser Brown (@zachjourno) December 11, 2020

You think this is crazy? Wait for the 2021 session. There’ll be more from the fevered craniums that ginned this up. The only good news is that nobody of any importance gives a flip what the Arkansas Legislative Council has to say about this issue.


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