Two more proposals filed for congressional redistricting


More proposals have been filed for redrawing congressional district lines in Arkansas to comply with the 2020 Census.

Today came Sen. Mark Johnson (R-Ferndale). I won’t detail all the shifts, but you can read them here.

Of note:

SECOND DISTRICT: Johnson would drop White County and substitute Pope County, which is somewhat smaller than White. An earlier proposal filed in the House would have deleted small Van Buren County to account for the 2nd’s population growth. He’d move White to the First District.

THIRD DISTRICT: To accommodate big growth in Washington and Benton Counties, Johnson would slice off Sebastian County and move it to the Fourth District. He’d also slice off Pope and Marion. He’d keep Boone and Carroll and add Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Newton and Searcy.

FOURTH DISTRICT:  Among others, he’d shift Jefferson from the First along with Sebastian.

Friday, Rep. Jack Ladyman (R-Jonesboro) filed a proposal.


He’d move part of White County, now entirely in the 2nd District, to his 1st District. No other changes would be needed in the 2nd District.

His 3rd District solution: Benton, Washington, Boone and Carroll Counties, with some portions of Sebastian, Searcy and Crawford.

He’d move Jefferson and Pope to the 4th District.

The legislature will convene later this month to take up redistricting. And likely other mischief.








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