Ducey Chief Of Staff’s Attack On Biggs Sparks Outrage, Gosar Promotes Recall

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Daniel Scarpinato, Chief Of Staff at Arizona Governors Office

PHOENIX – On Friday, Daniel Scarpinato, Governor Doug Ducey’s Chief of Staff launched into what has been described as an “inappropriate and unbecoming” attack on Rep. Andy Biggs. Biggs had dared questioned why the governor refused to say whether or not he would force residents to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

We always knew you were nuts, but you’ve now officially confirmed it for the whole world to see. Congratulations. Enjoy your time as a permanent resident of Crazytown. https://t.co/5AF48ML7PB

— Daniel Scarpinato (@Scarpinato) December 5, 2020

Gov @dougducey‘s answer failed to clarify his position on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

He was asked a direct question. He didn’t answer the question directly, but indicated a gov’t narrative is vital to make people believe the vaccine is the only way to resume normal life. pic.twitter.com/uy58lKkUjF

— Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) December 4, 2020

Popular radio host, James T. Harris and Rep. Paul Gosar jumped in to defend Biggs. Gosar went so far as to invite the twittersphere to sign a Ducey recall petition:

Thank you for outing yourself! Game on, asshat! Let’s go!! https://t.co/cf3fcVoY67

— James T Harris (@JamesTHarris) December 5, 2020

My brother @RepAndyBiggsAZ is a patriot. He fights for liberty and common sense. It is a mistake to attack him and the rest of Arizona who have been watching the Gov flail and founder. We expected better. Enough.

Signatures are due in mid January. https://t.co/r8F431WKnZpic.twitter.com/KEXysVn3Y0

— Paul Gosar (@DrPaulGosar) December 5, 2020

Answer the question Dan.

Here’s another question: why did you & your boss destroy the state GOP? You were complicit in giving away 2 senate seats, the Sec of State, Sec of Education, big legislative majorities, etc.

So tell me about your sanity & competence.@RepAndyBiggsAZ

— Chris Buskirk (@thechrisbuskirk) December 5, 2020

Rep. Walt Blackman stated, “I respect Andy Biggs immensely. Daniel Scarpinato comments are inappropriate and unbecoming. Mr. Scarpinato is an extension of Governor Ducey, so now we know how the governors office speaks about an honorable public servant.”

Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman, Tyler Bowyer admonished Scarpinato and questioned his “strange animosity.”

This kind of strange animosity has no place in Arizona. It’s one thing to disagree, but name calling and belittling an admired public servant like Andy is beneath the 9th floor. The Governor and Daniel both need to make a public apology to Congressman Biggs. https://t.co/zbsYNWLoSO

— Tyler Bowyer (@conservatyler) December 5, 2020

In July, Ducey’s approval rating of 32 percent was the lowest of any governor in the nation. The governor, who spends much time on the defensive, has earned a reputation as combative. He has shown contempt for other elected officials who described the diminutive governor jokingly as “short tempered.”

Ladies and gentlemen:

The chief of staff for the most unpopular “Republican” governor in the country! https://t.co/CkbUHplq6i

— Col (r) Michael Ward, D.O. (@jimmythemole01) December 5, 2020

.@Scarpinato is @dougducey gopher boy who has his defenses up big time. The Rino kingdom is collapsing.

There are articles being published about mandatory vaccines to get a job & to fly. It doesn’t make anyone crazy. Have Doug confirm no mandatory vaccines publicly in our state https://t.co/jslzJXkDvT

— Nicole Garcia Candidate Phoenix City Council (@garciaforphx) December 5, 2020

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