Undocumented Migrant Makes Cameo Appearance In Interview With U.S. Senate Candidate Mick McGuire – Arizona Daily Independent

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An undocumented migrant from Cuba enters the U.S. while retired Gen. Mick McGuire discusses the concerns of Americans, including an open border, with a reporter.

After numerous deployments as the head of the Arizona National Guard, retired Gen. Michael McGuire was unfazed when an illegal alien made a cameo appearance in an interview he was doing in Yuma this week. But as the former leader of young troops, he used the strange encounter as a teaching opportunity and tweeted that the image is a “good example of the brazen lawbreaking that they deal with here in Yuma on a daily basis.”

McGuire was discussing the concerns that he hears from voters while on the U.S. Senate Republican Primary campaign trail with reporter Cody Lee of KYMA, when an illegal migrant from Cuba climbed up from a dry riverbed along the U.S./Mexico border and passed behind the two men. Those concerns, including skyrocketing inflation and the insidious indoctrination of children, are shared across the country.

However, as McGuire pointed out to the Arizona Daily Independent, it is the residents of border states like Arizona that know the dangers, firsthand, of our porous southern border.

On Wednesday, Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot told KFYI’s James T. Harris that approximately 500 to 1,000 illegal migrants enter the U.S. through the Yuma Sector on a daily basis.

McGuire told the Arizona Daily Independent that while he and his team were in the Yuma Sector they walked a short stretch of ground and found currency from nearly every country in the world scattered about including coins from Yemen and other “Special Interests” countries. “Special Interest” countries are designated as such by the federal government due to the fact that they promote terrorism or harbor terrorists.

McGuire said that he’s been accused on social media of coordinating the illegal alien’s entrance into the picture frame, but he said that it’s such a common occurrence for people in Yuma it would not require any special coordination. The lack of surprise from the reporter conducting the interview supports McGuire’s contention.

McGuire, who was appointed to head up the Arizona National Guard by border hawk Governor Jan Brewer, has earned the praise of a wide range of Republicans, from moderates like Arizona State Senator Tyler Pace, to the titular head of Arizona’s conservative grassroots, former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce.

It was McGuire, who offered a steady and calm presence during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of Governor Doug Ducey’s cabinet, McGuire oversaw the state’s emergency response along with health officials.

McGuire told the Arizona Daily Independent that as someone who saw the ravages of COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic, the great influx of unvaccinated aliens resulting directly from the Biden administration’s open border policy, has caused him great concern.

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