Australia news live update: Scott Morrison unveils details of 2050 net zero plan; Victoria premier outlines new pandemic laws | Australia news

I’ve seen more detail on fortune cookies than on the documents released by the government. This is the biggest challenge facing the planet and the biggest opportunity facing Australia. It requires leadership and detail plans but all we have today was the slides, slogans and no solutions.

As Anthony said, the only new thing is a pay rise for Keith Pitt. They’ve introduced an emissions trading promotions policy. That’s all we’ve got.

This is a government who after eight years of climate wrecking today, they are simply delaying again. All we’ve seen after six years is still the same target, Tony Abbott’s target and our projection that we might do 2% better.

At least, Tony Abbott had the courage to make a target and he was a climate change denial. At least he had a medium target, at least he said he would have a target over the medium term to the world’s climate change conferences.

While we got from this government is just more of the same.

What we have done is engage in policy development and announcement, already announced, electric vehicles tax, community batteries, already announced new energy, rewiring the nation policy, we will continue with the process.

But we get this scare from the government that somehow legislation is bad, as Anthony said, they are worried about the embarrassment and somehow legislation is bad.

Well [are] Boris Johnson’s government that legislated net zero, Angela Merkel’s government that legislated net zero, that the French government that legislated net zero are engaging in the destruction of their industries? And how would he explain that in Glasgow?

What was all today, wasn’t a plan, it was a scam. It’s not a plan for the future of the country, it’s a political copout.

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