Brexit: Boris Johnson warns of ‘strong possibility’ of no trade deal with EU – live updates


It makes sense to get a trade deal. I’m very aware of the difficulties around a level playing field, the dispute resolution mechanism and fisheries.

I didn’t expect a breakthrough last evening. I think the fact that they met for quite a lengthy period of time and that frank exchange of views in itself is a good thing, and the fact that the negotiators are mandated to go back in again and try to break the logjam.

Dialogue is key and both teams have given themselves a deadline of this Sunday, and I think the key to unlocking this is to stand back and look at the overall picture here.

97% of this is agreed. Are we saying we are going to lose out on a deal because of 3%? Notwithstanding the significance of the issues.

The bottom line is a lot of work has been done, a lot of agreement has been reached, so one final effort is required.

There will, obviously, be the need for a compromise at the end of the day.

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