‘Close to doomsday’: Here’s what the East Bay looked like on day 1 of new shelter-in-place

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WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) — It’s a different world out there this week in parts of the East Bay. Crowded stores over the weekend have given way to an uneasy quiet, reminiscent of the shelter-in-place last spring.

The sounds of silence in parts of downtown Walnut Creek were punctuated by fury.

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An anonymous man carried a sign and called out to people passing by, saying “It’s as close to doomsday as we are going to get. Look at these businesses. It’s sad.”

A woman walking by called back to him, “There are so many businesses here hanging on by a thread.”

Others yelled out the need for caution and mask-wearing.

Lining the streets were the restaurant stalls that were set up during a more hopeful time. They are empty now, with the owners saying they’ve been told by the city to take down their tents and lighting and heaters.

Others called it eerie – Even when you get to the usually bustling Broadway Plaza shopping district.

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