Despite red tier, Marin County to shutdown


MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Marin County is moving forward with the stay-at-home order before the state requires it at noon on Tuesday, despite doing relatively well compared to the rest of the Bay Area counties.

Marin remains the only county in the red tier, while the other counties and most of California is in the most restrictive, purple tier.

According to the latest data on Marin County’s website, there have been 5,863 total cases of coronavirus, with 5,863 total patients recovered. One hundred and four total Marin County residents have died of COVID-19.

Amid the order, residents rushed to stock up on supplies at Costco and grocery stores the day before.

Most indoor activities are banned: Movie theatres, museums, bars, hair salons and barbershops plus more personal services will be shutdown.

Indoor and even outdoor playgrounds will be closed.

Shopping centers will be limited to just 20% capacity indoors, and restaurants will only be able to offer takeout or delivery.

A hair stylist in Strawberry at D&O Salon was taking as many last-minute hair appointments as she could before the shutdown comes. She said this could be the final blow for the salon.

“It’s the third time this year, so it’s very upsetting. I know many friends, brilliant business owners who haven’t been able to reopen even so. I hope that doesn’t happen here but it’s very hard to keep on keeping on without the paycheck,” she said.

Although most indoor activities will be ended or limited during this new stay-at-home order, schools that had already resumed in-person classes will be allowed to remain open.

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