East Bay restaurants face dining dilemma with new orders

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DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – Restaurants in Contra Costa County are struggling to follow the new stay at home order that requires take out or delivery only.

“It’s terrible. Laying people off that you work with every day,” Rodney Worth said.

Rodney Worth is the owner of The Peasant and The Pear in downtown Danville. He says that since the beginning of the pandemic he has had to close five of his restaurants around the Bay Area and lay off hundreds of people.

He just moved his Danville restaurant into a new building that has a large patio and wanted to be able to serve customers outside but due to the new stay at home order it sits empty.

“Just losing money hand over fist. You don’t know what’s going to happen one day to the next,” Worth said.

A few other restaurants in Danville have chosen to defy the new health order and serve people outside anyway — that has provoked a response from law enforcement.

“It’s gotten to the point where we have some businesses that are not following the order,” Danville Police Chief Allan Shields said. “If we see people that are in outright defiance of the order, we will be issuing citations.”

The police chief says that they are walking a fine line here. Technically, they can issue citations to any business that breaks the rules but restaurants and their customers are the heart of Danville’s downtown.

The chief says he would prefer that everyone find a way to make this situation work safely.

“There is a huge network of people that work hard to make Danville a great place. We do recognize that and we empathize a great deal with the people who are dealing with the coronavirus and the response,” Shields said.

Back at The Peasant and The Pear, Worth says that for now they will only offer take-out service but what people do with their food is up to them.

“There are places that people can gather but you just can’t do it in the restaurant,” Worth said.

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