Lake Tahoe travel: CA side closing for weeks after region enters shelter-in-place order


LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KGO) — Lake Tahoe, on the California side, is now closed to visitors for at least the next three weeks.

It’s part of the greater Sacramento region, which became subject to the state’s stay-at-home order Friday, after ICU capacity dipped below 15-percent.

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Among other things, that means non-essential travel is off limits.

Some hotels have been cancelling reservations.

But ABC7 News found some people preparing for ski season at Sports Basement, and they’re still planning their trips, for now.

“I’m like less concerned about when we’re actually skiing, since we’ll be like distancing with each other and we’ll have our masks on,” said San Francisco resident Holly Hou.

“So in terms of that, I think it’s pretty safe. I mean I’m not going to be near nobody, I’m going to be by myself snowboarding.”

While businesses on the California side are closing, the Nevada side remains open with fewer restrictions.

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