New stay-at-home order in effect in Alameda County


ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – The stay at home order went into effect in Alameda County on Monday.

Like other cities and counties, the streets were quiet today as many businesses closed up and restaurants transitioned to only take out orders.

While this new health order is something we’ve been through before, there are a few changes this time around.

In Alameda, it looks like folks are following that new health order that went into effect on Monday.

The streets are pretty empty with the exception of a few people picking up take out order.

Alameda County is now under a stay-at-home order, along with San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara counties, all chose to move forward with the state’s regional health order before hospital beds filled up.

“If you look at our hospital numbers the amount of severe disease, it’s just simply more now. and we’re seeing more young adults being hospitalized and experiencing severe disease so things were very serious in much but I have to be honest this is as bad as we’ve seen it,” Dr. Nicholas Moss said.

Alameda County Health Officer Dr. Nicholas Moss says like many other neighboring counties, Alameda is following the same guidelines under the state’s regional stay-at-home order, which is a little different than the health orders in March.

“For example schools that are already open are allowed to continue operating and retail establishments can operate with capacity limits,” Dr. Moss said.

And this time around, according to state guidelines that Alameda County is following any sort of outdoor gatherings with people other than those in your immediate household are prohibited.

While you’re able to take a walk through the park, you shouldn’t be setting up for an outdoor picnic with friends like you might have done in the past.

“The idea is not to sit and congregate, a group with other people. The main thing is really to limit mixing with other households,” Dr. Moss said.

Meanwhile, religious worship, demonstrations, and protests are allowed only if they’re outdoors and with health protocols in place.

As the health officer puts it candidly things are worse than what we’ve seen before and while Alameda County is still doing well with available hospital beds, Dr. Moss says people need to take this seriously and stay at home.

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