Parents, teachers rally against Hayward school closure plan

HAYWARD, Calif. (KRON) – The Hayward Unified School District says as many as ten schools could close due to declining enrollment and a lack of funding as reasons behind the possible closures, officials say.

Parents and teachers in Hayward are not happy and they demonstrated for their cause on Tuesday.

There was a rally and a march against this school closure plan.

The district is mulling restructuring because of several issues, most notably enrollment — But parents, teachers, and students do not want closures to happen and they’re hoping the district will hear their pleas to reconsider.

Birchfield Park was taken over by demonstrators wanting the school district to pull back on a plan to close schools. 

The group was made up of parents, teachers, and students wanting their voices to be heard.

Crystal Chew is a 6th-grade teacher at East Avenue Elementary. Her school is one of several facing closure or consolidation over the next few years.

The district in their initial proposal cites low enrollment, aging facilities, and a budget shortfall as reasons to make changes. 

Teachers argue the district and the board need to hear more from the people affected by these decisions. 

The group took their rally to the district’s administrative offices Tuesday night. 

Many held signs reading “Save Our Schools.”

A district spokesperson told KRON4 last week tough decisions are ahead. With declining enrollment expected to continue and COVID-19 making things worse, the changes will need to be seriously considered.

The district says they are not planning on laying off any teachers in their proposals. The board is expected to vote next month.

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