Pride flags hung in honor of Walnut Creek woman’s daughter stolen

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – A mother continues to honor her daughter with the help of her neighbors.

That’s after not one but two of her Pride flags were ripped off her fence and stolen.

A rainbow fence and rainbow flags out front of a Walnut Creek home are about more than just Pride month.

“She loved going to Pride parades. She went to Pride parade in San Francisco, when we traveled to Europe, she managed to find Pride parades,” Christine Horley said. 

Christine Horley’s daughter died by suicide last year. 

When Christine found her Pride flag in her belongings, she hung it up outside.

Just last month, it was stolen. Ripped right off of her fence.

She wrote on social media asking for her neighbors to look out for it and hoped it would make its way back to her house.

“Unfortunately that didn’t happen, it didn’t make its way back to me but there was this huge, just outpouring of support, and the next day actually this flag was the one that appeared on my porch the next day,” Christine said. 

This wasn’t the only flag that was brought to her. Christine says three flags were left by her door.

She hung them all in front of her home. Friends and family also painted her fence — all in honor of her daughter.

About a month after the donated flags were put up, one of them was stolen. That’s when Christine decided to put up security cameras.

The second flag stolen from her was taken at the start of Pride month.

“You can think you live in a community that’s very accepting and progressive and still there’s going to be people who feel differently,” Christine said. 

Christine says her daughter would’ve loved the support from the neighbors and the new flags and fence paint.

“Every time I see the flags flying or every time I see the fence, it makes me think of her,” Christine said.

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