Walnut Creek to Hold Emergency Meeting to Discuss Public Safety Plan – NBC Bay Area

Bay Area cities are scrambling to stop organized retail theft rings. 

Walnut Creek is set to hold an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss more police officers and even drones to stop the crimes. 

It also includes upgrading security cameras after nearly 80 thieves hit the Nordstrom store on Nov. 20 as part of an organized retail theft and robbery.

Four employees were hurt that night and about $125,000 worth of merchandise was stolen — and city leaders say they have had enough.

“These, of course, are more than misdemeanors,” said Mayor Kevin Wilk. “These brazen acts frighten shoppers, frighten residents, worry employees. It’s amazing there haven’t been more serious injuries.”

On Wednesday morning, Wilk said the city council will discuss a few ideas for immediate action. 


  • Hiring at least five more police officers 
  • Increase overtime budgets to have officers work security at high-profile stores that usually reimburse the department
  • Buying or upgrading surveillance cameras around downtown 
  • Buy a drone 

“So we could see that either potential criminal activity that could be coming, or while it’s actually engaged and in that case we have the surveillance of who did those crimes,” said Wilk.

It could cost $2 million paid for with stimulus funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, passed by congress in March — that the city still has.

They could also send letters to state leaders asking to give more teeth to laws that crack down on organized retail theft. 

The meeting begins at 8:30a.m. 

Because it’s for public safety, they could approve those extra police officers right away.

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