A Glossary of ‘-core’ Style Aesthetics


Nothing makes you feel old like watching your generation fade out of relevance to make room for the one that came after it. But rather than with bitterness, I look at Gen Zers and their behavior with fascination (a fascination that makes me feel very old). And one of the most fascinating areas in which they’re having an impact is language, including the way we talk about fashion. Suddenly, at least online, every style or trend is something-core.

To be fair, in much the same way we set up Gen Z to develop social-media addictions, millennials are partially responsible for this lexicological development: Normcore, which took the world and the industry by storm circa 2014, was the brainchild of two millennials — brand consultants and K-Hole founders Greg Fong and Emily Segal, to be exact. But Gen Zers have really taken the suffix and run with it, haven’t they? Given their tech-enabled existence and eight-second attention spans, it’s no surprise that they now distill complex ideas and cultures down to words that feel auto-generated and were probably made up in a matter of seconds.

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