Tamarac community pushes back against construction of proposed hotel

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TAMARAC. FLA. (WSVN) – A Tamarac community is pushing back against the construction of a proposed hotel that, if approved, would be built near a golf course.

George Monteiro has lived in the Woodmont community for 20 years. He and some of his neighbors hope city commissioners stop a planned 122-room Extended Stay Hotel from being built in their backyard in the Woodmont Country Club area.

“They’re holding the final vote on the Woodmont hotel project that has been a thorn on the side of so many residents for many years,” he said. “They’ve been trying to develop a commercial hotel in our small residential neighborhood.”

Monteiro created a three-minute video he shared with neighbors and the city’s commission. He said he wants city leaders to stand on the side of residents and not special interests.

“You buy a house in a quiet neighborhood not expecting they would build a hotel in your backyard,” Monteiro said Tuesday. “That’s not something you expect, and it’s a security issue.”

The city, developers and residents will all speak regarding the proposed hotel before Wednesday’s vote. The discussion has been ongoing since 9 p.m.

The hotel’s project manager sent out 2,700 letters to people who live in the area, and 88 people said they were for the project, but 293 in emails, petitions and letters said they were against the proposal.

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