Augusta Veteran proposes Racial Equity Resolution

AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – An Augusta Veteran is bringing attention to the topic of racial injustice in the city.

“To be able to be a good ally, you must be willing to stand alongside and you must be willing to voice your opinion and be heard,” says Michael Gallucci.

The Augusta native is using his voice to shine a light on the disadvantages faced by people of color. 

“We’re not gonna run away from race and the issues surrounding race,” says Gallucci.

The veteran was inspired by his thirty-three years of service in the military where he says he saw the mistreatment of African-Americans. 

“It was important to say and acknowledge our past but to look to look forward and be able to set that path for future generations,” says Gallucci.

Gallucci is proposing a racial equity resolution hoping to build a better relationship between the city and communities of color. 

“Diminishing the wealth gap, education gap, the health gap. Those are all things that make Augusta great,” says Gallucci.  

Local groups like the Augusta chapter NAACP support the resolution. 

Melvin Ivey, president of the Augusta NAACP says “what he’s doing is the work of the NAACP. A lot of times we give a lot of lip service but it requires you to put pen to paper. It requires you to get out and network in the community and allow the community to understand what’s at stake.”

Gallucci will present his proposal this Tuesday to the Commission. Mayor Hardie Davis is on board–saying in a statement:  

“I’m looking forward to seeing Tuesday’s presentation. I have been a consistent champion of expanding our local government’s efforts around diversity and inclusion, and I am always heartened when our residents recognize and support those same values. it is important that we not shy away from these difficult, painful, or uncomfortable conversations.”

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