Commentary: Health without shelter? | Georgia Health News

Health care is a collaborative effort: Medical professionals and their patients must work together to achieve good outcomes.


But there are outside factors that can frustrate these efforts. One such factor is a lack of decent housing for many patients. There are a surprising number of Georgians who leave their doctors’ appointments — or check out of hospitals — and return home to places that are barely livable and actually detrimental to their health.


It’s a complicated issue, and the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI) has mobilized large health care institutions to work on solutions. In a new GHN Commentary, ARCHI Executive Director Kathryn Lawler, Mercy Care CEO Tom Andrews and Grady Health System Chief Strategy Officer Shannon Sale outline what’s being done.

“For us,” they write, “housing and health go hand-in-hand.”

Here’s a link to their Commentary



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