‘It’s a challenge finding the best teachers’: CSRA school districts to fill dozens of open positions

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The halls of the CSRA’s schools have been empty for just a few weeks, but school districts are hard at work trying to hire new teachers. As of Thursday, the Columbia County School District had hired 225 teachers and had 32 vacancies. Richmond County had 76 open positions.

“It’s critical this year that we hire more of the best to try and make up any lost ground that the pandemic may have caused,” Anthony W. Wright, Columbia County School District’s Chief Human Resources Officer, says.

Columbia County “reduced” 40 positions in 2020, according to Wright. It is now filling those roles and adding new ones to keep up with the county’s growing population.

Wright tells NewsChannel 6 hiring this year is different than year’s past. Fewer students are graduating from local teaching certification programs, making hiring competitive among school districts.

“There are a lot of school districts in our CSRA area. It’s made finding talent a little more challenging.”

“We have seen a slight decline in the number of teachers applying for positions this year,” Lynthia Ross, Richmond County School System’s Chief Public Relations Officer, adds. “We have been a little more aggressive in our response to that.”

Once teachers get in the classroom, they will have big tasks ahead — making sure students are ready to move forward after an unprecedented 2020-2021 school year.

“We’re always looking for the highest quality teacher to support our students, meet them where they are and get them to where we know they should be,” Ross says.

How to apply for teaching positions

To apply for a job in the Columbia County School District, click here.

To apply for a job in the Richmond County School System, click here. The district is holding a career fair Thursday, June 24 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Westside High School.

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