Clever KBRD is a breakout where you bounce balls with your keyboard skills

I’m a big fan of breakout-style games. You know, ones where you hit a little ball with a paddle and it breaks the blocks? I like those. They are good. One of the first games I ever remember buying was Super Break Out on the Game Boy. 

Enter developer Connor Aitken, a fairly new game design graduate, who had an oddly clever idea and made a prototype for us all to enjoy: KBRD. (opens in new tab) The basic idea is that you’ve got a little pixel ball, but instead of a paddle you make a paddle using any combination of two keys on your keyboard. So you might stretch between Q and P for a big wide paddle bounce, or broadly redirect using something like P and Z, or W and C for a perfect angle towards a block. New blocks pop up over time, as do little yellow bonus balls. 

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