How Does A-Train Die in The Boys Comics?

Shivam Gulati

Prime Video recently released the much-awaited Herogasm episode of The Boys. The sixth episode of Season 3 was one of the most action-packed episodes of the series. After a long wait, we finally saw Homelander’s fight with the Soldier Boy. On top of that, Butcher and Hughie join the fight after using the Compound V. As expected, Homelander escapes in the end, but seeing Butcher and Hughie pinning down the world’s most powerful superhero was incredibly satisfying.

Meanwhile, A-Train, or Reggie Franklin, confronts Blue Hawk for paralyzing his brother. A-Train slams Hawk to the ground and uses his speed to kill the guy; however, revenge always comes at a price. A-Train already knew that his heart could no longer handle superhuman speed, but he still went ahead with it. At the end of the episode, we see A-Train lying lifeless on the ground after his heart stops beating. So, at this point, it’s safe to assume that the speedster is dead, and unless the writers somehow bring him back, it’s the end of the road for A-Train in The Boys.

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A-Train was a force to be reckoned with in the first two seasons, much like Homelander. However, in the third season, Reggie spent most of his time earning his place back in The Seven. Since he could no longer use his powers, A-Train tried becoming a symbol for his community (We all know how that worked out). Finally, after his brother almost gets killed, Reggie apologizes to Hughie realizing the suffering he has caused. So, if A-Train is actually dead in The Boys, there couldn’t be a more satisfying ending for the character.

In the comics, however, A-Train never went on the road to redemption. In fact, in The Boys comics, he was the one who assaulted Starlight when she got into The Seven. For his recklessness and immaturity, nobody at Vought respected A-Train.

After failing once, the speedster decided to assault Starlight again but temporarily became blind in one eye. After this, A-Train goes into hiding on Homelander’s orders, but Butcher kidnaps him. He cries and begs for his life, but Hughie eventually kills him for what the superhero did to Robin. So, unlike in the Tv show, A-Train in the comics was a psychopath who died at the hands of Hughie in the most brutal fashion.

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