Refreezing, clear ice on roads a concern after snow storm ::

After Friday’s snow storm, icy roads will be an issue Saturday night.

As the snow melts the temperature will freeze the water.

But just because you see a clear road don’t be fooled, ice could still be there.

Clear ice is so deceiving.

Saturday, drivers were on the road again just one night after inches of snow covered roadways.

“We were out at six,” said one driver. “I didn’t even know where the road was.”

Saturday, Many of the primary roads from Western to Capital to major interstates were absent of snow.

Saturday night, however, will present a different problem.

Tonight’s temperatures are expected to drop into the 20’s or teens which could turn that melted snow into clear ice.

“I’m a little bit worried about tomorrow,” said driver Rebecca Johnson. “It’s all going to freeze.”

A thin layer of ice could be responsible for drivers losing control on the road.

Reducing speed and increasing following distance can improve safety when traversing icy conditions.

NCDOT will also treat the ice with dump trucks filled with road salt. Drivers told WRAL News Saturday they were thankful for the work road crews do.

“I don’t know how we would be able to do anything if they didn’t do that,” said driver Rhett Strawbridge.

Where you are also has a big impact on how safe you are driving Saturday night.

Primary roads across the region have been clear for the most part, it’s those more rural roads where people have seen issues.

Roads can seem to switch from clear and dry to icy and snowy, often within just feet. That makes it extra treacherous Saturday.

WRAL News reached out to multiple counties, including Granville, Person and Orange.

All of them said they’re seeing dangerous conditions on secondary roads, and they’re bracing for a busy night as a result.

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