Carson City haunted houses need permits in advance of Halloween

Carson City residents who will be operating haunted houses this Halloween will need to seek the proper permits from the Fire Department and the Community Development Department in advance of the holiday.
For a special event permit, find the Community Development Department’s application at Fees for a special event permit vary.
For a special amusement building permit from the Fire Department, reach the CCFD at 775-887-2210. There is no cost associated with the Fire Department’s permit, but it may take up to two weeks to gather the required documentation.
Special event permit requirements apply to public and private properties that will be open to the public in a way that differs from the primary use of the property. Indoor and outdoor events are subject to the permitting process. Special event permits are required regardless of whether the special event charges a fee for entrance.
Haunted houses operating without the proper permits are subject to a misdemeanor citation.

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