CCSD Police release bodycam video of fight at Palo Verde HS showing different angle of restraint

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now has obtained the body cam video worn by a Clark County School District Police officer responding to a lunchtime fight at Palo Verde High School last month. The bodycam footage starts with the officer walking into the lunchroom where the altercation between students had just erupted.

With pepper spray in hand, the officer comes into the lunchroom, clears other students from the fight scene, pulls one student away from another, and, assists a staff member who is already holding down another student on the ground.

The video then shows the officer turn around to where the student is seen being held back from the fight by other staff members. The student attempts to break loose and the officer grabs the student with his arm around her, pulling her to the ground. He is heard using profanity and attempts to calm her down.

The student is then seen on the ground taking a breathe while still fidgeting from his grasp. The officer continues to ask her to stop moving.

“If you don’t settle down, you’re going to be [expletive],” says the the officer. “You better chill, you better chill the [expletive] down, do you understand me, are you ready to chill?”, the officer continues as he attempts to calm the student down. The officer asks the student again, “you ready to chill?”

In a calmer state, the student replies “yep, get off me.”

The officer then gives the student instructions, “when I get off you, you’re going to roll over on your stomach, okay?” The student is seen complying and the officer handcuffs her, helps her up, and walks her to a holding room.

Because the claim was not noticeable in the initial cell phone video shown to 8 News Now, the officer had denied putting his arm over the student’s face and nose. However, the newly released bodycam video seems to corroborate the student’s initial claim.

In a statement sent to 8 News Now’s Victoria Saha, CCSD Lt. Bryan Zink addresses the behavior and language seen and heard on the officer’s bodycam footage saying the officer followed CCSD Police policy.

The officer involved followed procedures to calm and protect an individual who was involved in an altercation and who continued to physically assault employees working to deescalate the situation. Additional training is offered to employees, if deemed necessary. The incident was reviewed and deemed to be in compliance with CCSD Police policy. After the incident, the officer informed his supervisor of the incident and for next steps regarding paperwork.

Lt. Bryan Zink, CCSD Police

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