DETR: Update on unemployment claims flagged, not paid out

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Today, we caught up with the Director of DETR, Elisa Cafferata, to discuss the number of unemployment claims that were “flagged” and never paid out.

As well as the total number of applications for unemployment for the entire year – that number two million.

“That two million number of applications that came in, that was over the course of almost a year in both programs. So we did see almost half a million (500,000) initial unemployment claims that we were expecting, and they just kept coming in,” said Cafferata.

According to Cafferata, they were expecting half a million people to apply and to be legitimate claimants. She added that all didn’t meet the fairly stringent criteria to be qualified for unemployment, with well over a million, not being processed because they were flagged and identified as “imposter claims” and never paid.

She says those were identified as “fraud,” a very specific legal term in unemployment, basically identified as imposters, people who had stolen identities, or information from stolen identities.

“Our focus really is on trying to get eligible folks paid the benefits that they’re qualified and eligible for, that’s really been the focus,” and she says they try to sort out and verify identity by reaching out to claimants,” added Cafferata.

Cafferata adds that they are working with the federal government and the U.S Attorney’s office on the “imposter claims.” These are the duplicate applications filed in our state as well as many others across the country.

She says it will take years to assemble those cases.

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