Food distribution program serves those who have tested positive for COVID-19


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — How do we make sure people with COVID-19 are still getting fed while in quarantine? Not everyone is lucky enough to have family and friends close by, so that is where the “COVID-19 Food Distribution Program” steps in.

The program is run by a volunteer-based group that has been working around the clock to provide essential groceries for families in need.

District 28 Assemblyman Edgar Flores, along with La Bonita Supermarkets, Puentes Las Vegas, Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus, Nevada Black Legislative Caucus, Mi Familia Vota and several other private donors came together to create this program.

“Folks are getting sick, and they are in quarantine. How are we going to make sure that they are still getting their essential food? Cause if we don’t, they are still going to go to the grocery store, and then it’s going to become a hub for spreading,” Flores said.

Every Monday, La Bonita Supermarkets dedicate 20 of their employees to help with prepping the boxes, along with bringing in the produce and the items delivered. Boxes are specially crafted for each individual and family, ensuring that the items given will be used.

These boxes include everything from milk to different types of meat, fresh produce, eggs, juice, and even cleaning supplies sometimes.

“You’re in the middle of a pandemic, and you’re going through a very difficult time. The last thing we want is for you not to feel like yourself at home, and what you cook is a part of your cultural identity,” Flores said.

The assemblyman added, ”We want to try to create a box for different types of cuisines that will be authentic for that family.”

Every Monday at 9 a.m., deliveries go out. There is always a need for delivery drivers, as the program has been known to go beyond county lines and make stops in places like Pahrump and Mesquite.

If you are interested in helping out or personally need help, you can call 702-592-0056. If you are unable to reach the call center, you can reach out to Edgar Flores via Twitter @EdgarFloresNV, along with the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus @NevadaHLC.

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