Friend shares memories of cyclist killed in tragic crash


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Loved ones shared memories of the five cyclists killed in a tragic crash along US 95 Thursday, as the community continues to mourn.

Those killed have been identified as 39-year-old Erin Michelle Ray, 57-year-old Michael Todd Murray, 48-year-old Aksoy Ahmet, 57-year-old Tom Trauger and 41-year-old Gerrard Nieva.

“It hurts so deep that he is gone,” Maxwell Jones, a close friend of Tom Trauger said. “But I am just grateful for the time we had together.”

Jones said he’s shattered, as he mourns for a man he knew and loved.

“He was a 57-year-old that had the energy of a 20-year-old,” Jones said of his friend. “He was relentless.”

The five were killed in a tragic crash Thursday morning, when a box truck hit them along U.S. 95 near Boulder City.

“Any accident really sucks but this one hurt really deep,” Jones said. “Just because it crosses so many facets in life.”

The local cycling community is shaken to its core, with Chris Armstrong of the Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition calling the situation beyond comprehension.

“There’s just a common bond among cyclists in general,” Armstrong told 8 News Now of the closeness of cyclists in Las Vegas.

He hopes this horrific situation will shed light on a crucial issue across the valley.

“I just hope from this we can bring awareness,” Armstrong said. “To the dangers out there from a cyclist perspective.”

Jones told 8 News Now the entire crew involved was known for its attention to safety, which makes this even more difficult.

“You get mad at the situation, the why it happened,” Jones explained. “But then you get really scared because that could have been anyone.”

Jones said he wants those lost to know they will never be forgotten.

“Wherever they are watching from,” he concluded. “We’ve got it covered down here.”

The investigation, conducted by Nevada Highway Patrol, is still in its early stages.

Several others were also hurt, including two other cyclists and the driver of the group’s safety vehicle. They are all expected to be survive.

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