Gov. Sisolak hints at when you can ditch those masks

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– As we inch closer to the holiday season, many are wondering if they will still need to wear masks indoors.

Governor Sisolak says Thursday in order for the mask mandate to go away, the COVID-19 test positivity rate must be below 8%, and the case rate must be below 50 per 100-thousand people, over two weeks. While Clark county is at a 6.9% test positivity, the case rate is still around 115.3.

“You’re protecting yourself, your family, and our economy. It keeps businesses open. You see here businesses are open because we have more people getting vaccinated.,” Sisolak said. “We need to encourage everyone to go out and get that vaccine so we can continue the progress of opening the economy back up and creating more jobs.”

Governor Sisolak says vaccines are the solution to get rid of masks.

As of Thursday, 55% of eligible Nevadans are fully vaccinated.

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