Southern Highlands intersection confusing drivers, causing concern

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An intersection in Southern Highlands is creating confusion for drivers.

People who live in the area say they’ve seen cars running a stop sign on South Jones Boulevard, and some people just don’t know what to do.

Neighbors say the intersection of Somerset Hills Avenue and Jones is extremely confusing, and construction doesn’t make it any easier.

Rasha Horn lives in Southern Highlands, and since she moved in back in September, she’s heard lots of honking. Some collisions, too.

“Accidents, screeching, honking,” Horn said.

“Poor kids, waiting, or poor people trying to cross with their dogs,” she said.

Everyone is either stopping — or racing through the intersection because they just don’t know where to go.

“We have people that don’t know where the stop signs are,” Horn said.

“They put one here temporarily, then they move it. And there’s one facing the wrong direction. It’s just a mess,” Horn said.

And while the majority of people living in the area treat it as a four-way stop, Clark County officials say it’s never been that way.

The intersection is supposed to be a two-way stop.

“I would love if there was just speed bumps on that residential street so people can slow down, and then maybe another stop sign here,” Horn said.

As it gets darker, everyone would like to see better lighting on the streets.

Horn said she’s frustrated and she want to see a change. She said she’s concerned because there’s a school nearby and she sees kids crossing the street.

“We shouldn’t have to wait (until) something like that happens for us to make a change,” Horn said.

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