Coronavirus NY: Cuomo says getting COVID vaccine is ‘community obligation’


NEW YORK (WABC) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo vowed on Sunday that he will not take the COVID-19 vaccine until it is available for his group in Black, Hispanic and poor communities around New York.

Cuomo made the announcement during remarks to Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem on Sunday morning.

The governor touched on the importance of not giving into COVID fatigue and urged New Yorkers to maintain their diligence in stopping the spread of the virus.

Cuomo said preparations for a massive vaccination program are underway and it is believed that 70% to 90% of all New Yorkers must be vaccinated for it to be effective.

“That is an enormous number, think of it — 90 percent of New Yorkers don’t agree to do anything, let alone take a vaccine,” he said. “This is not only an individual responsibility; it is a community obligation.”

The governor said one of the pressing challenges facing the state is to make sure the vaccine is available fairly.

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