Brood X cicadas popping up in parts of Ohio

OHIO — Thousands of cicadas are back in the Buckeye State after hiding away for 17 years.

But many people said they haven’t seen any or a handful, whereas others in the state are surrounded by them.

“Brood 10 (x) is what’s called, of periodical cicadas,” explained Tom Macy with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. “They only occur in certain areas, so they’re not everywhere. They’re not across the whole state of Ohio.”

Macy said they’re mostly popping up in the southwestern part of the state and parts of central Ohio.

Periodical cicadas live for a few weeks: Four to six, according to Macy. He said Ohioans can expect the insects to start tappering off or pretty much gone in early July. 

As for consuming cicadas, he said it’s safe. 

“They’re non-toxic to humans and your pets,” he said. “Some people consider them a delicacy and want to eat them.”

Watch the full interview above to learn more about the Brood X cicadas. 


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