Brunswick teen murdered

BRUNSWICK, Ohio (WJW) — Dozens of bikers took to the streets of northeast Ohio on Saturday hoping to bring awareness to domestic violence and to raise money for a scholarship fund in memory of Alyssa Pinardo.

The bike run started at Rookies Sports Bar in Parma making its way to Brunswick High School where Pinardo was a senior when she was shot and killed in May.

Pinardo’s boyfriend, Logan Robertson, 18, was later arrested and charged with murder.

Pinardo’s father tells Fox 8 that in his daughter’s backpack was found an exit strategy, a breakup letter and a domestic violence brochure.

“My daughter was a very caring and outgoing individual she always put a smile on everyone’s face” said her father Nick Pinardo following a butterfly release at Brunswick High School on Saturday.”She just loved hanging out and being with everybody giving the hugs to everybody and this is my way of letting her know that hey, your name isn’t going to be forgotten,” said Pinardo.

Also at the high school on Saturday were numerous of Alyssa’s friends, one of whom drove her car to the spot where it was always parked during school.

“It was rough when I had to drive it back here on the highway had some time alone and it brought me back a little bit.  She picked me up like almost every day for school, like a few times,” said Nick Spade.

The parking space has been painted as a memorial to Pinardo.

“It means a lot. I mean her father has definitely done a lot to make sure her memory, her life is not forgotten because to forget someone like her it would be terrible. He’s doing scholarships every year, foundation, memorial rides its amazing,” said Kathy Mortimer, who attended the rally and knew Alyssa through her father.

“Its a very heart felt day. You just look around and you see all the pain and the hurt from everybody that she loved and everybody that loved her back in return,” said Terrence Adkins, a high school friend who also attended the rally. As part of his daughter’s legacy, Pinardo’s father also wants people who have been a victim of domestic abuse to understand that there is help if they would only find the courage to seek it and to let other young people know that its important to speak out if they know of or witness something they know is wrong before something awful happens.

“If they see anything or hear of anyone going through it they need to tell somebody,” said Pinardo.

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