Cuomo urges Congress to pass national assault weapons ban during Buffalo visit

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited Buffalo on Sunday morning to address the Tops mass shooting and gun violence in general.

Cuomo showed up for Sunday service at True Bethel Baptist Church, where there was music, dance, and worship. There was also discussion about what happened on May 14, when 10 people were killed and three more wounded during a mass shooting at the Jefferson Avenue Tops grocery store.

“First, we need to do something about these darn assault rifles that are designed for no other purpose, except to kill the most number of human beings as quickly as possible,” he told the congregation.

Cuomo called for Congress to pass a national assault weapons ban, and he also urged leaders in Washington to censure people who Congress who “are purposely fomenting hate groups by saying Blacks, Latinos and immigrants are a replacement theory for the white race.”

Cuomo added: “Let this Buffalo tragedy be the moment the nation says enough is enough.”

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