Northeast Ohio native delivers food to Buffalo residents

Northeast Ohio resident Greg Schwer has made multiple trips to Buffalo to provide grocery items and aid to those affected by the Tops store’s temporary closure.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Northeast Ohio resident and New York native Greg Schwer has become a symbol of hope and aid for the Buffalo community over the last few days. Something he couldn’t have possibly anticipated a week ago.

On May 14th a lone gunman walked into the Tops grocery and killed 10 people in a targeted, racist attack in Buffalo, New York. As the investigation continues the grocery store remains closed.

The Tops grocery store is a very important source of sustenance in the Buffalo community. It’s one of the few grocery stores in the area and the community is feeling the harsh effects of the temporary closure. 

Hearing the pleas for help, Greg Schwer took action.

He packed his car with care spending 500 dollars of his own money. He found creative ways to pack his car to get the maximum amount of goods possible to the citizens who desperately need supplies.

Schwer recounted his first trip to the Buffalo community and what he brought to help the residents, “Milk, eggs, cheese, bananas, grapes and water. One of the things I did to maximize the space I bought a bunch of frozen vegetables and use those as the ice packs as coolers. When I delivered food the first time I did actually start to cry.” 

He delivered the grocery items to the FeedMore Food Pantry in Buffalo.  But one delivery wasn’t enough for Schwer.  

He made another trip and he delivered things like paper towels and personal items. This time The Cleveland Bills backer’s picked up the bill. 

Schwer wants to make a third trip to Buffalo with more supplies in hand. He says he can’t seem to stay away. The suffering of his fellow New Yorkers is too hard to walk a way from, though he is grateful for the humanity he has witnessed.

 “All of western New York has circled the wagons in support of each other.”

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