Ohio House Dems demand justice for sexual abuse survivors

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In the midst of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Democratic lawmakers are renewing their push to pass bills to protect survivors of sexual violence and abuse. 

State Reps. Kristin Boggs, Allison Russo, Jessica Miranda and Tavia Galonski hosted a news conference Thursday at the Statehouse.

The group called on their Republican counterparts to join them in eliminating the civil and criminal statutes of limitations for rape and sexual violence (House Bill 266) as well as removing the cap on damages for certain violent crimes (House Bill 199).         

“Survivors of the most gruesome crimes should not have to fight the legislature to hold these predators and those who permit their abuse accountable for the harm that they cause,” said Boggs, the Ohio House Assistant Minority Leader.

Only one of the two bills has received hearings. House Speaker Robert Cupp, R-Lima, did not respond to our request for comment. 

A spokesperson for Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said the AG “has said publicly numerous times that he’d support doing away with the criminal statute of limitation on rape. When HB 472 was introduced last General Assembly which did precisely that, he supported that measure. HB 199 and HB 266 both go beyond that single issue. A major difference is the burden of proof in a criminal case – beyond a reasonable doubt – and a civil case – preponderance of the evidence, that is, more likely than not.”

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