6 Best-Proven PDF Compressor for File Compression

Yes, if you deal with PDF files, you better have an idea about the importance of having optimized files. Remember that optimized PDF document not only easy to share, but even handy to manage. Indeed, space as well as speed are immensely important parameters to perform your daily-tasks. You can find that small PDF file size not only save your system space, but even easier to share through email or other online mediums. Anyway, a right version of PDF compressor helps you to compress PDF document without any effort.

This post specifically designed to discuss best PDF file compressor sources that takes minimal effort to proceed with particular file compression.

Remember That!

Always aim for PDF compression tool that only reduces bits by simply identifying as well as eliminating statistical redundancy. You could start using pdf compressor free by theonlineconverter.com that compress pdf file legitimately, means no file information is lost while reducing pdf size.


No matter whatever the reason you have for pdf compression, you need to get this free pdf compressor that makes the process simple and smooth. When it comes to reducing PDF file size in a matter of seconds, this PDF optimizer does all for you. There are four different compression levels for compressing PDF files that are:

  1. Low compression (high PDF quality)
  2. Medium compression (standard PDF quality)
  3. High compression (printer PDF quality)
  4. Very high compression (lowest PDF quality)

Get this best PDF file reducer for free and even lets you compress pdf files as many as you want. Apart form pdf file compression, there are different other free tools that is offered by this source.

Why to Use:

  • Great PDF compressor for compressing PDF file size
  • Free to use tool without limits
  • Allow you to proceed with files that are up to 5MB
  • Intuitive interface


As the name reveals that it is an online web-based application that lets you works with PDF files online. The most apparent reason to mention this site into this list is that it loaded with best and pdf compressor free, which allow you to reduce and even compress PDF document file without any quality degradation.

Besides from compressing pdf files, it allows you to merge pdf, secure pdf, split pdf, unlock pdf, and even helps you in PDF file transformation in an instant. The upside is that this platform is 100% free, no matter whether you want to perform single or multiple files conversions, it does all for free. Even this pdf file compressor assists to compress batch of PDF documents without any quality distortion. This pdf optimizer lets you optimize PDF files according to different compression level such as:

  1. Extreme (Less Quality and High Compression)
  2. Recommended (Good Quality and Good Compression)
  3. Less (High Quality and Less Compression)

So account choose any one of the above-mentioned compression level and lets this pdf free compressor does all in matter of seconds.

Why to Use:

  • 100% free platform to deal with PDFs as well as other file formats
  • Quality preservation while compressing PDF documents
  • Batch PDF files compression
  • Different levels of compression
  • Fully-fledged and easy to use


If you are seeking for stunning version of PDF compressor that can be accessible from anywhere, HiPDF is an ultimate option to proceed with. It is referred to as the cloud-based tools that feature with more than 50 conversions as well as editing functions. More specifically, you can considered this platform for everything that is related to Adobe PDF, not only pdf file compression.

Account this pdf optimizer right now to optimized pdf online while maintaining the original document quality. And, if you need to compress pdf file with over 10MB in size, then you ought to subscribe first.

Why to Use:

  • Easy to use pdf optimizer
  • Fully-fledged and fast
  • Loaded with plenty of features
  • You can access this pdf file compressor from everywhere (any device)

Neevia PDFcompress:

Neevia PDFcompress loaded with best pdf compressor free that is quite easy to use. Even you can account with it from anywhere and by using any device. It is fully-fledged program that even packed with simple to use interface.

Give a try to this handy pdf reduce to remove all unwanted elements from your PDF such as bookmarks, thumbnails, forms, annotations, and much more. Also, you can be able to adjust PDF compression for color, mono, and gray-scale graphics.

Why to Use:

  • Simple interface that makes things easier
  • Provided you with full control over the PDF compression process


PDF Compressor:

Although it is pretty old, but still indicated as the superb pdf compressor tool around the internet. It is quite handy to use and even traits a very interactive user-interface. Take this pdf file compressor into account to swiftly compress PDF files without considering their quality. And, the great thing about this tool is that it entirely supports bath compression for your pdf documents.

You can download and install this pdf program into your windows-based system and commence your PDF compression right now. All you have to upload your PDF documents and lets this handy tool do remaining for you.

Why to Use:

  • Simple interface
  • This pdf compressor free lets you process batch PDF file compression up to 20 files at once
  • You can be able to work with thumbnail preview


As the name suggests itself, LightPDF is a light and very easy to use online PDF platform. It features various PDF tools, such as converter, editor, and compressor.

As the name depicted that it is a light pdf compressor that works free to deal with PDF files online. It loaded with different PDF related tools such as converter, editor, and compressor. The most apparent reason to account this tool that it can compress PDF file in a matter of seconds. You just ought to upload the file that you aim to reduce and compress, even it lets you drag and drop files to proceed further. Once your PDFs uploaded, this pdf compression tool will automatically start compressing PDF file. Once you have done all, save compressed version of PDF on your preferred storage.

Why to Use:

  • Lets you process pdf compression swiftly
  • The upside is that there is no size or time limits
  • No watermark
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