Maine lobster the big catch in Center City ahead of National Lobster Day

Luke’s Rittenhouse prides itself on giving people in Philadelphia a direct and tasty link to Maine lobsters.

“The way we own logistics from ocean to shack, every step of the way we can tell you what temperature it was at, what harbor it was caught at, what fisherman brought it out of the ocean you know what I mean, so we really take pride in our product,” said general manager Cassandra Johnson.

The modest street level location can serve more than 700 lobster rolls in a busy week as well as shrimp and crab rolls.

“It’s a butter and toasted split top New England style bun,” added Johnson. “We put just a little swipe of mayo on the roll itself and then its quarter pound of the chilled seafood. We just oil a hot lemon butter on top and a light dash of our secret seasoning.”

Luke’s Rittenhouse is also offering people a chance to win lobster for a year as part of National Lobster Day on September 25. You can register at the Center City location or online.

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