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90 Day Fiancé’s Mohamed and Yve argue in this preview

There’s nothing a good practice can’t solve, except maybe a contentious debate about religion.

mohammed and Yves butt plans to raise their future child side-by-side on the treadmill in this exclusive clip from the June 26 episode of TLC 90 day fiance.

“We talked about having a child together,” Yve first says in a testimonial. “I just feel like Mohamed would be an amazing dad. He’s so great with [Yve’s son] tharan. I would really like to share this experience with him.”

Although Yve admits she has reservations about her “period and age”, Mohamed isn’t worried, saying: “If we are lucky enough to have a child, I would like to have a child with you. because I love you. But otherwise, I don’t mind. I leave that to God.

The couple, who are 23 years apartcarry on the conversation at the gym – and it moves on to their different religious beliefs.

“It’s very important if I have a child,” Mohamed says, “I will take my child to the mosque with me.”

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