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Anne Hathaway Hilariously Reveals Celebs She Thinks Have BDEs

Anne Hathawayit is list of celebrities who have BDE made its way out of his diary.

In a conversation on June 21 with Interviewthe princess diaries the actress answered 20 questions from fans and some of her famous colleagues and friends, including Anna Wintour, Jake Gyllenhaal, Julie Andrews, Octavia Spencer, Sigourney Weaver, michelle yeo, Matthew McConaughey, Bella Hadid and more.

Among those who interviewed Anne was a comedian and actress Mindy Kalingwho asked, “Who in the culture now has a great BDE for you?”

Referring, of course, to that “big dick energy” phrase, Anne asked Mindy, “You mean besides you?”

The the devil wears Prada The actress then named the stars she thinks have that particular look. “At present, LizzoI understand, said Anne. “Billie Eilish for sure. Harry Styles, obviously. Try to think. Those who can figure it out and run with it and do it. Christopher John Rogers. I love what he’s doing in fashion right now. I’m such a fan. I think this interview gave energy to the goddess. Michelle Yeoh also has great goddess energy.”

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