Chloe Bailey shows off her vocal talents with a cover of “Plastic Off The Sofa!” by Beyoncé!

Danielle Jennings

Phew! If there is one thing Chloe Bailey will do, he shows off his incredible vocal skills at every opportunity — and this time, she decided to tackle a song from her mentor Beyoncé’s new album. Posting to her Instagram, Chloe Bailey sat behind the mic and performed a flawless version of “Plastic Off The Sofa” from Beyoncé’s just-released album, “Renaissance.”

If you follow Chloe Bailey on social media, you already know that she post frequently herself performing covers of songs by other artists, and while she’s certainly covered Beyoncé before, her latest cover may be her best yet.

Deciding to jump on the recently created #PlasticOffTheSofa challenge that started on social media, where singers post themselves singing the song, Chloe made it look easy by sitting down wearing a tracksuit and dark shades, by singing the delicate parts of the song.

Meanwhile, in other Chloe Bailey news, fans are getting impatient as she has yet to release her long-awaited debut album, which likely won’t be released this year given her mentor Beyoncé has just released a project. .

However, to keep her fans happy for a bit longer, Chloe has announced that she is releasing another single, the flirtatious “For The Night”, which she originally previewed a few months ago at an impromptu live session on Instagram.

She was also nominated for her first-ever MTV VMA Award for Best R&B Video for her platinum hit, “Have Mercy.” You can catch the VMAs on August 28e.

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