Issa Rae looks cheerful in stripes


Will this outfit change your life? Will you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it? Will you research it on your own relentlessly, possibly buying it from a shadow reselling site that steals your identity, and will you deem it worth it? Will it pass quietly before your eyes while you’re in a coma because your nemesis painted your office with poison paint and gave you a moment’s respite to plot your revenge? Probably not. But will it fill you with boiling rage? Will it lead to a years-long payback and revenge plan against the designer for inflicting crimes on your retinas? Will it bring you to your knees in a crowded Vons, shouting, “ISSA! NOOOON!” every six weeks or so, until the guys at the grocery store ask you never to come back? Probably not either.

(Photo by Robin L. Marshall/Getty Images)

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