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It’s Not Even Her Real Name: 70 Fascinating Facts About Meryl Streep

31. Streep is the second of four consecutive Best Supporting Actress Oscar winners with the initials “MS,” beginning with Maggie Smith in 1978, followed by Streep in 1979, Marie Steenburgen in 80, and Maureen Stapleton in ’81.

32. She lobbied for the lead role in Pierre Olivierthe 1989 adaptation of Avoided, but dropped out just two months before filming. Initially, his decision to walk was blamed on exhaustion, but it was later revealed that there was a dispute over his salary. The role would eventually be played by Madonna in 1996.

33. After playing in the 1990s Postcards from the edgewritten by Carrie Fisher as an adaptation of her semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, Streep became godmother to Fisher’s daughter Billie Heavy when she was born in 1992.

34. Streep was early scouting for Ripley’s iconic role as the first Extraterrestrial the film was in the process of being cast. The role, of course, ended up going to his former Yale classmate, Weaver. However, she was able to make some sort of contribution to the character as Alien 3 was in production in 1992. As many of the special effects for this film were being created in England after Weaver and the cast returned to the United States, a prosthetic cast of Ripley’s head was required for some shots. Rather than bringing Weaver back, a cast of Streep that had been done for another project still floated around the studio and was used by the filmmakers instead.

35. Streep has only lost five roles in his career: Dwan in King KongMichelle Straton in american gigoloPatsy Cline in Sweet dreamsMiss Kenton in The remains of the day, and Elizabeth I in Elizabeth.

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